AA SYSTEL Telemetry Airborne nano recorder Tracking antenna
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Telemetry ground station

*Airborne data acquisition/recorder Telemetry transmitter (FM, SOQPSK, COFDM, BPSK, QPSK)
*Telemetry auto tracking antenna
*Telemetry ground station
*Data processing system

SOQPSK transmitter

Digital FM/SOQPSK Transmitter, up to 20W

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*Bandwidth efficiency: 2.5x improvement compared to conventional PCM/FM, SOQPSK/FM modulation selectable, up to 30Mbps, control interface by RS232
is specialized in:

Telemetry, Telecommand, Tracking antenna, Remote sensing, SATCOM system design and turnkey fully integrated system. (including Airborne Data Acquisition Recording system, RF Transmission System, Telemetry Ground Station).

The sole agency of many leading French and American HI-TECH companies ETEP; DM Radiocom; VITEM; HYPTRA; SMP; Magali; RFPA etc in China or in the world.

AASYSTEL integrates the famous RTR Telemetry receiver from Zodiac Data Systems company in their turn-key Ground stations.
Digital IRIG termination
*Digital IRIG termination receiver/decoder
*3 channel command logic.
S+C bands Airborne antenna for Flight Tests

ETEP Nano sentinel

*Aircraft Crash Recorder
*256Gbytes SSD
*HD Video mode - MJPEG 2000 - Wavelet compression

NOMAD antenna
NOMAD Antenna

*TCP/IP tracking Antenna
*Light weight 37Kg
*22dB gain (S-Band)
*Others tracking antennas available


*Remote Sensing
*Telemetry Receiver
*Test Modulator
*HDRM Demodulator
*ECP Simulator

RFPA 100/50W ka band SSPA

100/50W ka band SSPA

*ODU feature (-40C/+55C)
*More than 50W @ 1dB
*Operates between 25.25 and 31GHz
*Many models available

RFPA Amplifier 1500W RFPA SSPA S band 2x1000W

*Up/Down converter
*Up to Ka Band

Ka/L band LNB

Ka/L band LNB

*Good stability with temperature
*Minimum gain: 63dB
*Others models available

10W L/Ka band BUC

10W L/Ka band BUC

*28GHz low noise local oscillator
*High gain, adjustable user gain
*High spectral purity
*Low power consumption
*Others models available

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