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Telemetry Datalink
ground station / tracking antennas

airborne equipment

Acquisition and recorder subsystem

AA SYSTEL integrates and represents exclusively the Acquisition and Recording System of ETEP Company.ETEP was established in 1979, located in the south of France. It is specialized in acquisition and recording systems. Thanks to its stability and precision, its recording products are widely used in the fields of areospace, aircraft manufacturing, nuke, etc.

The main customers of ETEP Company:Snecma, Dassault Aviation, CNES, Alcatel, Thales.

Airborne Acquisition and Recording System

  • Multichannels acquisition (Video, PCM, analog, Arine 429,1553 bus etc)
  • Solid State disk card up to 8TB
  • PCM IRIG 106 for real time transmission to ground


The mission and nano Airborne Data Recorder for the Training Aircraft
S-family more dedicated for flight test center
ETEP S-family recorder S-family datasheet

The ETEP Crash Recorder allows to record data, voice and video in one low weight solution package.

The CPM (Crash Protected Memory) meets the EUROCAE ED-112 standard.

ETEP Nano sentinel
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FM Telemetry transmitter


AA SYSTEL integrates and represents exclusively on-board telemetry transmitters, receivers and amplifiers of VITEM company. VITEM is one of the leaders in these fields.

The main customers of VITEM: Dassault Aviation, Eurocopter (helicopter), French Flight test centers, Chinese Flight test centers.

The VTX 5000 NT/WT series telemetry / video transmitter is built around a state of the art Phase locked loop FM exciter followed by a high efficiency power amplifier. Working in L, or S -Bands, the VTX 5000 NT/WT series transmitter offers a very wideband frequency response from 1 Hz to 40 MHz which permits High Bit Rate (up to 32 Mbps) or color HD video-data transmission. The used technology allows the unit to operate under the environments as found in aircraft applications.
Reference Power Type Voltage supply current NT WT
VTX5533NT/WT 2W S-Band 24-32 V 650 mA Data-sheet Data-sheet
VTX5537NT/WT 5 W S-Band 24-32 V 1.3 A Data-sheet Data-sheet
VTX6536NT 5 W S-Band 24-32 V 1.3 A Data-sheet  
VTX5540NT/WT 10 W S-Band 24-32 V 3 A Data-sheet Data-sheet
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Airborne amplifiers



Intended for use with the VTX 5000 series transmitters,the VTA 5000 series power amplifiers are built around an efficient input RF limiter followed by a high efficiency class C amplifier chain, the spurious purity of which is given by an output RF filter.

The VTX 5000 series transmitter delivers 20W (or 10W) constant output power whatever the output level between 17dBm (50mW) and 36dBm (4W).

Reference Power Type Voltage supply current  
VTA 5540 10 W S-Band 24-32 V 3 A Data-sheet
VTA 5543 20 W S-Band 24-32 V 5.5 A Data-sheet
Intended for linear amplification or COFDM application the VTA 5040 L power amplifiers is built around an high efficiency class A amplifier chain, the spurious purity of which is given by an output RF filter.

Reference Power Type Voltage supply current  
VTA 5540 L 10 W S-Band 11-32 V 9.8 A Data-sheet
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Airborne receivers



Designed to demodulate information laying in DC-12 MHz range contained on a± 4 MHz (up to 8 MHz) deviated FM carrier, the VTR 5585 WT is a simple conversion super-heterodyne unit using a synthesized local oscillator to convert the incoming carrier into a 550 MHz IF. The IF signal is filtered to be fed into the baseband processor.

The processor feeds the IF modulated signal into a hard-limiter before to be demodulated by a delay line demodulator.


Airborne antenna

AA SYSTEL integrates and represents exclusively airborne/ on-ground antenna of HYPTRA company. HYPTRA positioned as a key supplier on the commercial and military French markets, HYPTRA designs and manufacutures a full line of turn-key antenna systems including all individual equipment such as: Ground tracking station/ Pedestals/ Controller/ Tracking receiver/ radomes/ RF subsystem.

The main customers of HYPTRA: Airbus, Dassault Aviation, CNES, Alcatel, THALES, SAGEM, French Flight test centers, Chinese Flight test centers.

Airborne/on-ground Omni-directional antenna

HYPTRA designed a range of antennas using circular polarization with omni-directional azimuth pattern in the S frequency band. The marine aluminium antenna base allows to fix the aerial on a mast or on board aerial targets. The aerial is designed for harsh environments: -40°C to + 85°C operating temperature, seawater resistant.

In option,when used in reception, the antenna can be equipped with filter and LNA.

Hyptra Omni-directionnal antenna

Airborne Blade antenna

S-band NE0058 Data-sheet
NE0059 Data-sheet
3255 Data-sheet
S+C-band NE0058 Data-sheet
NE0059 Data-sheet

These antennas operating in S frequency band or S+C bands have been designed for working in Vertical/horizontal polarization, for telemetry applications with special conditions of flight and high temperature.

This antenna is installed on AIRBUS aircrafts

  50 Ohms
RF Connector
  Type N female
Hyptra 3255
Hyptra NE0059 Hyptra NE0058
Hyptra airborne blade antenna
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VHF/UHF/S/L/C transmitters, amplifiers and receivers



AA SYSTEL integrates and represents exclusively on-board UHF/S-band et L-band etc transmitters and receivers of DMRADIOCOM company. DMRADIOCOM is specialized in data transmission. It designs and produces any type of data transmission: digital and analogic, cables and wireless, mobile and fixed, weak and average carrier. DM Radiocom provides you a series of transmitters and receivers (narrowband and broadband) with frequency bands up to 5.8 GHz. There are electronic and computer labs in DM Radiocom, therefore, it can provide the solutions tailored for customers.

The main customers of DMRADIOCOM: French Navy, French departments of Defense and French nuclear energy centers.

Receivers Frequency Data rate Band  
CBVR 4400MHz-5800MHz Video C-Band Data-sheet
EBVR 2200MHz-2400MHz Video E-Band Data-sheet
RX-E-RTD 2100MHz-2500MHz 12Mbps S-Band Data-sheet
Rx-UHF-MB 400MHz-470MHz 115.2kbps UHF Data-sheet
Rx-UHF-FT 400MHz-470MHz 2400bps UHF Data-sheet
Rx-VHF-MB 215MHz-260MHz 38.4kbps VHF Data-sheet
DM Radiocom receiver

DM Radiocom ETD5000
DM Radiocom transmitter
Transmitters Frequency Band  
ETD5000-10mW 5030MHz-5090MHz C-Band Data-sheet
ETD (PCM) 2100MHz-2500MHz S-Band
Data-sheet Data-sheet
ETD (video) 2100MHz-2500MHz S-Band Data-sheet
DTX5563-5 (5W) 2100MHz-2500MHz S-Band Data-sheet
DTX5563-20 (20W) 2100MHz-2500MHz S-Band Data-sheet
Tx-UHF-MB 400MHz-470MHz UHF Data-sheet
Tx-UHF850-MB 840MHz-860MHz UHF Data-sheet
Tx-UHF-FT 400MHz-470MHz UHF Data-sheet
Tx-VHF-MB 215MHz-260MHz VHF Data-sheet

The DTX5563 (and DTX5563-20) telemetry transmitters are designed for operation in harsh environment with PCM/FM (15Mbps) and SOQPSK (30Mbps) capabilities in one unit.

  • Full S band : 2185-2475 MHz
  • Output Power: programmable up to 5 W (DTX5563) and up to 20 W (DTX5563-20)
  • Control Interface: RS232
  • Input Interface: RS-422 or TTL (Data and Clock)
  • Power Supply: 18V+-36V DC
DM Radiocom DTX5563

DM Radiocom PA5000
Amplifiers Frequency Power Band  
PA5000 5030MHz-5090MHz 5W C-Band Data-sheet
EPA 2100MHz-2700MHz 10W S-Band Data-sheet
EPA 2100MHz-2700MHz 20W S-Band Data-sheet


2185MHz-2475MHz 20W S-Band Data-sheet
DM Radiocom EPA
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